Back to School BBQ ReCap

Welcome back, Parents and Students! School is back in session! In order to kick things off, on Saturday, August 18th Holy Angels Catholic School held a back to school bash... Lured by the smell of BBQ and echoes of laughter, parents, students, and members of the community found themselves on the Holy Angels lot to celebrate. Attendees were able to enjoy free food, not one but two bounce houses, and the opportunity to dunk Principal Stallings or Mrs. Watson in what looked to be six feet of cold water. Both participants held on tight to their seats, grinning as students lined up to take aim. Not far from the pool was a DJ who kept the party going with summer's best songs, causing a small dance off to form around his table and anywhere else groups of students were gathered. Other activities included a video game truck and outdoor favorites such as baseball, hula-hoops and jump rope.

Back in the parking lot where the food was being served, a few 7th graders found themselves in a circle recalling the summer’s adventures, before running to the basketball court. Despite the fun they’ve had over break, many students are ready to head back to the place that houses their friends and challenges their minds. It means coming back into an environment filled with faculty and staff who support and encourage them daily. Eighth grader Raisuli says, “The teachers really care about you…they’re gonna push you…they’re not just gonna let you fail.” In speaking with other 8th graders the move to High School is their fuel for this school year as they proceed in gaining the tools needed for success.

I knew a lot of parents that sent their kids here and based on the foundation they get here, their kids always ended up going to successful colleges and getting into the best High Schools…they have the best experience they get the best education.

For Holy Angels' parents, the end of summer break is bittersweet, but they too are ready to get back into their yearly routine. One thing that helps ease them into this transition is feeling secure in the fact that their children are in a safe and effective learning environment. Simone Baker, the parent of 8th grader Jacob, is excited for the coming year knowing that her son will have the tools to excel in High School. When reflecting on why she chose Holy Angels years ago, Mrs. Baker found that it was the experiences of Alumni parents that inspired her.

Parents are also excited to be reunited with one another, as they too gathered around to chat about the summer and the coming school year. Parents Shari Proell and Sharon Anderson, both of whom have second graders, talked about the tremendous amount of support that they receive from faculty and staff. Time in the Holy Angels environment has benefitted them too as they have gained support from one another as parents. Through school meetings and activities or just picking their kids up from school, these parents become connected and build long-lasting bonds. Ultimately, getting back to the Holy Angels community is something that both students and parents are excited for. This idea of community was a sentiment shared by numerous parents, of those parents it was Mrs. Anderson who described it best, “…Holy Angels is not just a school, it’s a community. It’s a village…all of our kids have a village here.” Here’s to a new year school year and of course Welcome Back!!!