Important Tax Credit Scholarship Updates

On Wednesday, January 31st we showed everyone just how important our children’s education is to us. Within minutes of the Empower Illinois Scholarship application opening up, more than 24,000 people logged in to access this incredible opportunity. Unfortunately, this level of engagement was more than the website could handle and it crashed. 

Thank you to all of the families that came to Holy Angels for assistance and participated in the program. We are so sorry that your effort and sacrifice did not result in our collective desire. Please know we are with you and will stay with you through the rest of this process. 

Empower Illinois is working feverously to update the website to ensure families have an opportunity to take advantage of this amazing scholarship. There isn't a set time for the application to reopen. Be sure to check the Holy Angels website, Facebook page, and join our email list to get all of the updates. 

Think of this as a second chance at an incredible opportunity. If you have not already placed the required information into pdf documents and put them on a flash drive, please do so as soon as possible. If you are not sure how to make a pdf, unsure what a pdf is, or merely want some support, please stop by the school IMMEDIATELY, and we will make sure you are ready whenever the application reopens. We do not want any of our families to miss out on the opportunity to have their child’s tuition PAID IN FULL. Let’s continue to make everyone aware that our children’s futures matter.