Hey Black Child: Black History Month at Holy Angels

In case you missed it, Holy Angels Catholic School continued our year-long celebration of Black History during the month of February. We started our day with our Pre-K students who showed us that our children are limitless. Then our 2nd graders hosted a Blacks In Wax Museum, where they walked a mile in the shoes of several black pioneers. Next, our 5th graders presented on their heroes. Finally, we concluded our February celebrations of Black History with inspiring performances from our students.

Black History Month was more than a chance to remember and embrace heros from the past. It was also a moment for our students to share their gifts by singing, dancing, reciting poetry, and making art. Across all of our Black History Month prorgaming we had over 250 parents, guest, and community members join in our celebrations.

This years celebration was epic, and who knows what amazing things our staff and students will dream up for next year. Don't miss out on being #BeAnAngel, we are currently re-enrolling students for the 2018-19 school year. This is your chance to get in on the exciting things happening here at Holy Angels. Be sure to state your intention to re-enroll for next year.