5 Tips to Protect Your Child on the Internet

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On Thursday March 22, we hosted the first of many parent development workshops in partnership with our amazing parent leaders. We discussed Cyber Safety, and the role we as parents must play in ensuring that our children are safe even in the virtual world. 

If you missed it, here are the top five things you can do to keep your child safe on the internet:

  1. Have open and honest conversations with your children about how they are using the internet, social media, and online gaming.
  2. Make sure you and your children are not sharing personal or financial information online.
  3. Establish a timeframe with your children for when they will have access to certain technology and devices based upon their age and maturity level (i.e. “you can have a phone when you turn 12”). Doing this will allow your children to have clearly set guidelines and expectations. Also, be open to renegotiating these timelines if there are reasonable arguments to do so, such as every other student in your child’s life has a phone at 11. This will help prevent your child from keeping secrets from you, as you institute open conversations.
  4. Monitor what things your children are doing online. Make sure you have conversations about what kind of behaviors are acceptable online, and what behaviors are not acceptable.
  5. Remember that many of the video games your children are playing on their phones and gaming systems are linked to the internet and permit them to talk to countless strangers online. You cannot always be there when your children encounter different situations online, but if you keep the lines of communication open, you can ensure your child’s safety.     

Also, here is what one of our parent leaders had to say about this amazing workshop:

Remaining constantly aware of everything our children are doing online can be a full-time job for any parent. The kids these days seem like they know everything about technology and the internet and they do know a lot. However, they forget that they’re still learning and so are we. As parents we should periodically review our children’s list of instant messenger buddies, the apps they are currently on and are interested in and stay up to date on cyber security news and the different apps the world is creating on a daily basis. Some apps and social media are not age appropriate for our children and as parents we have to establish boundaries as to what they can do on the internet and why they are or are not allowed to interact with certain parts of the internet. It’s important to talk to children about cyber bullying as well. We have to let them know it’s ok to talk to us and have a open dialogue at all times because self-awareness and confidence is important for our children. 
— LaShawnte' Gordon

Thank you to all of the parents who made this event possible, and to ______ for providing relevant and empowering content for parents. Stay tuned for the next parenting event at Holy Angels.